Academic Articles on the Translation of the Holy Quran

SN Title of the Article Author
1 The Difficulty Of Translating Collocations From Arabic Into English Encountered By A Sample Of Arab Students Omar Osman Jabak, Syed Nurulakla, Syed Abdullah, and Nik Farhan Mustapha
2 Convergence And Divergence In The Interpretation Of Quranic Polysemy And Lexical Recurrence Jamal Alqinai
3 Cultural Difficulties In Translations From English Into Arabic Roxana Mareş
4 The English Translations Of The Holy Qur’an: A Critique Muhammad Tahir Saleem
5 Translation Of The Holy Quran: A Call For Standardization Ahmad Mustafa Halimah
6 Translation Of Culture-Specific Phrases In The Holy Quran Mojtaba Moradi And Hossain Mohammad Sadeghi
7 Difficulties In Translation Of The English Present Perfect Simple And The Past Perfect Simple Into Arabic And Some Suggested Solutions Instructor Ayad Seleem Mansour
8 The Translatability Of Euphemism In The Holy Quran Mohammad Qasem Al-Hamad And Asma Mohammad Salman
9 Coherence Analysis Issues On English-Translated Quran Arash Amini Tabrizi And Rohana Mahmud
10 A Case For Keeping Arabic Text With The Translation Of Holy Quran Muhammad Zafrullah
11 Translation As Contemporary Qur’anic Exegesis: Ahmed Ali And Muslim Modernism In India Ahmed H. Al-Rahim
12 The Untranslatability Of Islamic And Arabic Cultural Terms Anfala. Alhumaid
13 A Comparative Study Of Four English Translations Of Sûrat Ad-Dukhân On The Semantic Level Saudi Sadiq
14 A Critical Review Of English Translations Of The Quran Ja’far Razi Khan
15 Cultural And Sociolinguistic Issues In English-Arabic Translation Of Collocations Mohammad Ali Bani-Younes
16 A Generic Framework For Arabic To English Machine Translation Of Simplex Sentences Using The Role And Reference Grammar Linguistic Model Yasser Salem
17 Some Issues In Translating Nouns In Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s Translation Of The Meanings Of The Holy Quran Adnan Abu-Mahfouz
18 The Problems Involved In Translating Arabic Cognitive Synonyms Into English Dr. Ekrema Shehab
19 Discussing Arabic Literary Translation: Problems And Possible Solutions – With Reference To Tears On The Slopes Of Glory Nada Bushnak
20 The Easy Dictionary Of The Qur’an Shaikh Abdulkarim Parekh
21 Eight-Point Scheme Proposal For Translating The Qur’anic Text Ali Al-Halawani
22 Translating English Euphemisms Into Arabic: Challenges & Strategies Manar Abdulhafeeth Abdalla
23 The Functions Of And And Wa In English And Arabic Written Discourse Shehdeh Fareh
24 The Hindrances In Translating Specific Cultural Concepts From Arabic Into English Amin Ali Almubark, Dr. Amerrudin Abd. Manan,  Khairi Obaid Tayyeh Al-Zubaid
25 The History Of The Qurʼānic Text: From Revelation To Compilation Muḥammad Muṣṭafā Al-Aʻẓamī
26 Reasons For The Possible Incomprehensibility Of Some Verses Of Three Translations Of The Meaning Of The Holy Quran Into English Raed Al-Jabari
27 Problems In Translating Collocations In Religious Texts From Arabic Into Englis Bader S. Dweik & Mariam M. Abu Shakra
28 Difficulties Encountered In Translating Some Legal Texts From Arabic Into English Dr. Ibtihal M. Al-Tameemi And Mahmood A. Farhan
29 Some Linguistic Difficulties In Translating The Holy Quran From Arabic Into English Abobaker Ali, M Alsaleh Brakhw, Munif Zarirruddin Fikri Bin Nordin, And Sharifah Fazliyaton Shaik Ismail
30 Literal Translation Of The Holy Quran: Problems And Solutions Kheireddine Ben Ammar
31 Literary Translation From Arabic Into English In The United Kingdom And Ireland, 1990-2010 Alexandra Büchler And Alice Guthrie
32 A Metaphor Translation Of The Holy Qur’an: A Comparative Analytical Study Aizul Maula
33 Transferring Polysemic Words From Arabic Into English: A Comparative Study Of Some Samples From The Holy Quran Mr. Abobaker Ali, M. Alsaleh Brakhw, Dr. Munif Zarirruddin Fikri Bin Nordin
34 The Problems In Translating Islamic Expressions In Religious Occasions Daoud Khammyseh


35 Book Review: Ali Quli Qara’i, The Quran With A Phrase-By-Phrase Translation Dr. Hamid Algar
36 Qur’an Translation And The Challenges Of Communication : Towards A ‘literal’ Study-Version Of The Qur’an James Winston Morris
37 Reflections Of A Qur’an Translator Tarif Khalidi
38 Islamic Religious Terms In English – Translation Vs. Transliteration In Ezzeddin Ibrahim And Denys Johnson-Davies’ Translation Of An- Nawawī’s Forty Ḥadīths Sameh Hassan
39 Review Of Tarif Khalidi’s Translation Unkown
40 Textuality In Near-Synonyms Translations Of The Holy Qurʾᾱn Into English Belqes Saif Abdulelah Al-Sowaidi
41 The Techniques Used By J.M. Rodwell In Translating Some Defensive Verses Of The Quran From Arabic Into English Arrizka Febiyani
42 Text-Types, Translation Types And Translation Assessment: A Case Study Of Chapter 112 Of The Holy Quran In Rodwell, Al-Hilali And Khan’s Translation Muhammad Olatunde Yaqub
43 Assessment Of Translating Recurrence In Selected Texts From The Qur’an Yasmin H. Hannouna
44 Strategies For Translating Idioms And Culturally-Bound Expressions Within The Human Development Genre Noor Balfaqeeh
45 Translation Of Puns In The Holly Quran Mina Azaryoun, Zargham Ghapanc
46 Problems And Strategies In English Translation Of Quranic Divine Names Fazel Asadi Amjad, Mohammad Farahani
47 Problem Of Terminology Of The Arabic Language: The Arabic Language And The Translation Of Emotive Expressions Into English Sekhri Ouided
48 Problems Of Translating Homonymy In The Glorious Quran: A Comparative Analytical Study Yasmeen Imad Abedelrazq
49 Strategies For Translating Idioms From Arabic Into English And Vice Versa Muna Ahmad Al-Shawi, Tengku Sepora Tengku Mahadi
50 Translating Historical And Religious Texts From Arabic Into English: Problems And Solutions Prof. Bader Dweik And Wafa’a Abu Helwah
51 The Paradox Of Translating The Untranslatable: Equivalence Vs. Non-Equivalence In Translating From Arabic Into English Amira D. Kashgary
52 Translating Selected Polysemous Words In The Holy Qurān Into English: An Analysis Of Strategies And Procedures Abobaker Ali M. Alsaleh Brakhw
53 Translating Contextualized Arabic Euphemisms Into English: Socio-Cultural Perspective Ekrema Shehab, Abdul-Rahman Qadan, And Manar Hussein
54 Translation Loss In Translation Of The Glorious Quran, With Special Reference To Verbal Similarity Batoul Ahmed Omer
55 The Discourse Of Intercultural Translation Said Faiq
56 A Study Of The Effect Of The Translator’s Religion On The Translation Of Eschatological Terms In The Holy Qur’an By Newmark’s Procedures Fatemeh Behzadi, Samad Mirza Suzani


57 Problems In Translating Tenses From English To Arabic. The Present Perfect: A Case Study Sekhri Ouided
58 Viewpoints In The Translation Of The Holy Quran Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek
59 English Translation Of The Quran By Women: The Challenges Of “Gender Balance” In And Through Language Rim Hassen
60 English Translations Of The Quran By Women: Different Or Derived? Rim Hassen
61 A Critical Review of English Translations of the Qur’an Jafar Razi Khan, Message of Thaqalayn, v. 19, Nos. 1-2
62 The Qur’an with a Phrase by Phrase Translation by Sayyid Ali Quli Qarai Dr Hamid Algar, Message of Thaqalayn, v. 19, Nos. 1-2