Books on the Translations of the Quran

Author Year Title Publisher Info
Ahmed, Hasanuddin 2004 Introducing the Quran Goodword Books Paperback. Chapter 9 is on “Translation of the Qur’an.”
Ali, Muhammad Mohar 2004 The Qur’ān and the Orientalists Jam‘iyat ‘Ihyaa’ Minhaaj al-Sunnah Hardbound, An Examination of their main theories and assumptions
Almulla, Salah 1989* The Question of the translatability of the Qur’ān, with particular reference to some English versions The British Library – Thesis Service A dissertation presented to the faculty of the Art of the University of Glasgow for PhD.
Andrabi, Abroo Aman 2008 Muhammad Asad Goodword Books Paperback. Chapter 3 is on “His contribution to the English Translation and Commentary to the Quran.”
Binark, Ismet &

Eren, Halit

1986* World Bibliography of Translations of the Meanings of the Holy Qur’an The Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA) Hardbound. Listing of translations of Qur’an in different languages from 1515 – 1980.
Elmarsafy, Ziad 2009 The Enlightenment Qur’an, The Politics of Translation and the Construction of Islam Oneworld Oxford Paperback. The first article is on “Translators and Translations of Qur’ān.”
Kidawi, Abdur Raheem 2011 Translating the Untranslatable Sarup Book Publishers Hardbound. A Critical Guide to 60 English Translations of the Quran
Salehy, Majeed 1996* The Quran: Literary Patterns – (Un)translatabilities Imam Hossein University Press Paperback. M.A. Thesis on the Linguistic approach towards the Quran