Hujjat al-Islam Yusuf Falahatdoost was born in 1963 in Rasht, Iran. He began to learn the art of calligraphy in 1985. He studied the Nastaliq script with masters such as Ustad Mir Razi and Ustad Amir Falsafi, and worked on Shikasta with Ustad Haydari. He went on to graduate from the Calligraphers’ Society of Tehran in 1997.

Some of the works of Ustad Falahatdoost that have been published include: Diwan-e Hafiz, Gulistan-e Sa’di, and the Sura of Yasin. His other completed works include: The complete Holy Qur’an in Nastaliq, another complete Holy Qur’an in Nastaliq with Farsi translation in the sub-text, posters and tableaus of Qur’anic verses and stanzas of Persian poetry, the Bustan-e Sa’di, and the Rubaiyat or Quatrains of Omar Khayyam.

Through his works of Islamic Calligraphy, Ustad Falahatdoost has devoted his life to the proliferation of the most sublime ideas and mystical disclosures that humanity in its search for the Divine has come to. For him it is a labour of love and those that have been exposed to the fruits of his labour readily agree. You must see him at work to experience this love yourself.

Ustad Falahatdoost will be present at the Toronto Quran Exhibition. A sample of some of his works are below.