Testimonials from the Participants

  1. Excellent exhibition. Inshallah I pray it is an annual event!
  2. Incredible layout and informative
  3. This is amazing Qur’an exhibition. I am a publisher and love to see this kind of work.
  4. Students in 6b really loved looking at the exhibit and seeing the Āyats. The old 1911 Qur’an was fascinating for all. The translation section fascinated students too. Thankyou
  5. Excellent work and wonderfully presented, amazing and facilitating, an eye opener for many. Very rich, and thank you so much. May you and all those who contributed be with the Qur’an in the Dunya, Barzakh, Akhira.
  6. Thank you ever so much for collecting these many renditions of the Glorious Qur’an. It’s a window into the depth of scholarship that has gone into this endeavor. Jazākumullāh Khayra.
  7. This production is like a rainbow that manifests the beautiful rays of light from the Qur’an! – Muhammad Kermalli
  8. Absolutely Amazing. Blessed to have such resources available to us
  9. Inspiring! Hope this project expands, children’s exhibition next?
  10. Wonderful exhibition! Very educational for non-Muslim friends! Best of luck! And look forward to seeing the exhibition in the following year
  11. I had the opportunity of taking my grade 9 class to the exhibit. I loved the dramatized Qur’an and the different translations for various topics
  12. Very inspiring and uplifting! Masha ‘Allah I have learnt much and my awareness is much greater. Ahsant!
  13. The class were amazed by the old Qur’an, they loved looking at the mosques and finding ones they know and compared them to each other. Some were looking for female translators. They loved it. Thank you!
  14. Very pleased to visit “Toronto Quran Exhibition”. Nice to see the first ever major exhibition of over 50 English translations of the Qur’an. Please keep up the good work.
  15. It was amazing to see how the Āyat of the Qur’an are translated by so many authors using different words. Thank you for your efforts in bringing the exhibition to us.


Total number of signatories: 161